Our classes are delivered by thought leaders, ranging from development coaches and psychologists to successful entrepreneurs, who use their expertise and experience to share insight on the good, dangers and pitfalls of life. 



Running a business or thinking of starting one? Statistics show that over three quarters of businesses fail within their first year. Find out how to deal with challenges that many entrepreneurs face in the early stages  of their business such as how to creatively market your brand, how to raise funding , establishing the right team or how to build your customer base. For those already in business, workshops on understanding culture and scaling will put you in a position to lead your industry, rather than follow it. For further information, visit our events page.

‘A business that makes nothing but money is poor business’ – Henry Ford


Life is about relationships. Relationships can be very rewarding however they are not without their challenges. The way you respond to these challenges whether it is related to communication, conflicts, finances or stress can either strengthen or damage a relationship.  Having troubles in any of these areas? Check our event page for upcoming events on one or more of these issues.

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’


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The average worker spends around 8-10 hours at work. This is often more than the number of hours spent with family on a daily basis. It is therefore important that careful consideration is given to the career path that you take. Addo’s career workshops will give you insight into what to look for when pursuing a career, how to love your job, adding extra-value to your company, synergising with your team and what good retirement looks like. Why not have a look at our events page for events in this area.

‘Work to become, not to acquire’ – Elbert Hubbard


Living from paycheque to paycheque? This is true for most individuals, and others despite an increase in their income. Find out how to boost your income, get out of debt, save, budget for everyday life and make effective achievable investments. For more information, visit our events page.

‘It’s not how much money you make, but how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.’ – Robert Kiyosaki



Family and Legacy

In a fast paced world where careers and social media lead our lives, the importance of families can be underestimated. Our families play a very important role in our lives because they influence how we behave, communicate, love, belong and become the individuals we were made to be. Addo seeks to share wisdom on good family living, from good parenting, to the joy of family holidays and healthy communication between family.

‘What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family’ – Mother Teresa

Health and Wellbeing

Our health has a huge impact on what we can or cannot do. Having a good health in its simplest form means that your body is functioning in the way it should function. Addo workshops share tips on good eating habits, how to prevent illnesses, how to reduce stress, how to exercise and importance of good sleep patterns and siestas.  For further information, visit our blog and events page.

‘Health is not valued until sickness comes’ – Thomas Fuller