Why Thought Leaders Matter

When I think about people who were able to effect great change historically, I think of people who had an incredible ability to shape the thoughts of masses of people. 

Martin Luther King Jr dreamt of a world where freedom existed for everyone. Steve Jobs saw a gap in the personal computer and mobile market, and disrupted the whole industry with the creation of Apple products. 

What did these people have in common? They were seen as thought leaders. Thought leadership goes a little beyond being an ‘influencer’ on social media as we see it today, although this can be a by-product of being a thought leader. Real thought leadership is about being a voice of authority on a particular topic and therefore the “go to” person in that area.


I’ve come across many people with great ideas, products or services that are often overlooked because they are not viewed as an authority in their space. So, how do you position yourself, your products or services in your market to gain the influence you want? 

This is what our next class, How To Use Thought Leadership For Growth, at Huckletree on 2nd October 2018 will show you. This class is for founders and creatives seeking to use thought leadership as a way to grow their personal influence and their business.

Christiana, Addo Life Founder