An Interview with Elizabeth Ogabi

This is an interview series in the lead up to our upcoming class “How To Use Thought Leadership For Growth" at Huckletree on 2 October 2018. (Early Bird tickets end on 15th September).

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a digital communication and brand consultant, and also the founder of For Working Ladies, a digital media brand focused on building career and business confidence in women through digital content, events and creating opportunities for them. I was also recently made an ambassador for Bumble, an app connecting people to create friendships, find love or build professional connections. They’re more than just an app but a global brand of empowered women promoting empowerment, equality and kindness. I’m really excited to be working with them to run a series of events and workshops around career and entrepreneurship in London. 

How do you position yourself as an influencer in your industry? 

Get clear on the topic(s) you want to stand for.
Really understand what message you are trying to put out. Do you want to be known as an advocate for a particular cause? An expert in a particular industry or even both? I’d say get a notebook and write out what you’d like to be remembered for then create steps on how you’ll make it happen. 

Remember you are a personal brand
“Perception is reality” is one key phrase that has stuck with me from my PR days and is very relevant now. It simply means how people perceive you is what they believe. Everything you do, what you say, what you put online, what others say about you creates a perception. Once you see yourself as a brand then you’ll be cautious about how you market yourself, you can create the perception you want others to have. 

Share knowledge
Be vocal about the knowledge you have. If it’s at work, maybe share with your team something you learned over the weekend about your industry. You should also share knowledge with the general public and the quickest way to do that these days is through social media. It could be Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram, the platform depends on what you feel you're most comfortable with and where you feel your audience will be. 

There’s a book I’d recommend called Grit by Angela Duckworth. Throughout the book, she shares how people have gotten to the top of their field. 


How did you decide what you wanted to be known for as a leader?  

My passion decided for me and my skill set.

What is the most important attribute of an influencer?

There are many important attributes, one is having the ability to spot where there is a gap in your industry, close it and also use your influence to create positive change. For instance, Beyoncé was recently the cover for Vogue Magazine and noticed that in the entire history of Vogue they had never used a black photographer. She closed or should we say reduced this gap by commissioning Tyler Mitchel a 23 year old black photographer, to shoot her for the cover. This will hopefully lead to many more opportunities for black photographers working with Vogue.

What do you do to sharpen your ideas to remain an authority in your space? 

I read a lot of articles, I should start an article club! Haha! I honestly curate the best articles around women, career and business. I also listen to podcasts and ask questions to those in my professional network. Lastly, I connect with people in the same industry by attending industry events, joining specific Facebook groups etc 

You walk into a room, on a chair is your 18 year old self. You remember her passions, goals and fears. What advice would you give her?

“Success in life doesn’t just require hard work but tenacity and a good network!” 

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