7 Signs You're In a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship is built on certain strengths. It is all about giving after all. No one enters a relationship except to be happy and fulfill certain desires. To reach that success in your relationship you have to pay attention to certain elements. And here are 7 signs you should pay attention to if you want a healthy relationship.

There is understanding between you and your partner

You and your partner are on the same page when it comes to issues concerning the progress of your relationship. You understand what your partner wants and expects from you just as they know what you expect of them.

You spend quality time together

Time spent with your partner should be purposeful. It should be about gaining direction in your relationship and expressing your true feelings to each other. Quality time should mean depth in the way you communicate and treat each other when you’re together. Couples in healthy relationships enjoy being together.

You say the magic words

Phrases like “I love you,” “thank you,” “I am sorry,” are important to the success of any relationship. Couples in healthy relationships know there are weaknesses and strengths. They know the importance of apologizing, forgiving, appreciating and admitting their mistakes.

You support each other

You have personal goals. But you’re also willing to support the other person to reach their goals. You want your partner to grow and constantly improve, and you’re willing to commit your time and energy to helping them achieve this.

You retain your identity in the relationship

Retaining your identity means you can have your personal space and moments at certain periods in the relationship. It is about being who you are and not being forced to change. A healthy relationship doesn’t sabotage your identity, actually it helps you preserve and retain it.

You respect and love your partner

This cannot be overstated, a healthy relationship isn’t one where you impose yourself in the relationship. You should be willing to tolerate and respect the desires or perspectives of your partner. Your partner can only work towards the progress of the relationship when they know you have their interest at heart.

You’re great at communicating with each other

Couples in a healthy relationship can trust each other. This is because there is constant and healthy communication between couples in a healthy relationship. You and your partner can communicate thoughts, feelings and perceptions to each other. You actually feel safe when you communicate personal needs and wants.